Sister Talk 3: Does It Matter How We Dress

By ace 3206 days ago
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I appreciate her spirit and the material she presented. I checked and GAP does not stand for Gay and Proud so maybe she should check the facts but I do think that being simple and modest is the best way to dress. Being simple keeps my heart more focused on others and not myself.

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I guess in those days - people new what mens clothes were and women's. The issue of modesty still holds.rnIts like in Asia in Pakistan and India - its clear though whats mens clothing and womens.

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In biblical days didn't the men wear skirt like clothing? So what is
men clothing and women clothing? Today women are not to wear pants but
men back then worn skirits. It seems conflicting. And what about warmer climates and sleeves? Don't misinterpret my spirit I want to be modest but I need clarification on the seeming conflictions.



Sister Talk 3: Does It Matter How We Dress by Emma Biant