Ivor Myers-Defense Against The Dark Arts

By kirchoff 3047 days ago
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A must see! The pastor uses a martial arts analogy to break down developing our faith in Christ to overcome Satan's deception.
a bit of a summary, we need to develop the art forms of the following (7):
1.the art of stillness
2.the art of silence
3.the art of breathing deep (prayer)
4.the art of knowing without knowing
5.the art of fighting without fighting
7.the art of counter crucifixion
i'm missing one. WATCH the message to find it!

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Just watched it again and did take notes this time. Excellent.

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Hello deedwan. I'm glad that you found this video to be helpful. I'm also glad that that you were able to come out of the new age movement by God's grace. Stay safe, and may God continue to guide you into all truth.

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I thought this was powerful. You know I was a new ager before I came into the church and I was a bit nervous as to where he was going with this because I have seen evidences that some are trying to bring in contemplative and centering prayer which is really out of eastern mysticism and occultism. But as I continued to watch I realized that is not what he is doing. He is drawing a parallel between satan's counterfeit and the genuine of God. I especially got nervous when he started talking about breathing deep, because I thought he was meaning literally to do deep breathing during prayer, which can be a way to go into an altered state of hypnosis but instead he means to go deep into prayer. That prayer is the breath of our spiritual life and we don't want to be shallow breathers. Anyway, I was leary that he was teaching a spiritualistic message like the emergent church but I realize he is just making an analogy (one that I'm sensitive as a former new ager) and giving it a biblically spiritual application. I will watch this again, next time with a pad of paper and a pen.



Pastor Ivor Myers explains how to defend ourselves against the Dark Arts by Using the Word of God.