The Lie Destroying America

By brikony 3080 days ago
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Clear study of the 10 commandments. I will certainly get the DVD and use it for witnessing. Thank you for sharing it. God bless.

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I am glad this video is out there! I will share it. My church split over this issue of if you should still keep the feasts.:sad: The church members that stayed did not treat the members who argued we should keep them, not in a loving manor. Arguments broke out, and feeling 'hurt' and so it ended like that over 2 years ago and they never have come back,they are meeting in thier homes.

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Powerful video! It's always a blessing to receive new light on this subject!

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Pastor we are hoping that you will continue to upload more video's.

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Thanks for the time this video was featured on the front page of the website. It's good to know the message is getting out.

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Every time I watch this video it's like I'm learning more ways it attacks anti law views.

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This Pastor Pepper should be showing up at camp meetings soon. Listening to this guy, I get the feeling that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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3ABN absolutly should get him on. I agree with Biblestuff1. Pastor peppers point that the Mosaic law was the one that was against them was something.

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I've watched this video 3 times now. Why isn't this guy on 3ABN or Hope Channel or some thing?

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Straight forward Bible stuff the way it ought to be. I recommend you watch this sermon and use it to tell others what you've always known.



Were the Ten Commandments nailed to the cross? Do they still apply? How do you interpret Colossians 2:14?