If Ye Love Me - Harmony-Quartet

By bibelstream 3069 days ago
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What a blessing! Thank you for sharing!

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beautiful harmony, really enjoyed it.:p

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Hopefully they have a recording in a big cathedral with lots of ambience.
If not..... let's talk !!!

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I return to this song and Rainbow at least once a month. It is such a blessing to me! I would purchace a cd if one was made available. I found the link to the whole concert all of which is sung in German except for Keep My Commandments and Rainbow...what a feast.:)

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They sound like Angels and remind me of the Gregorian Chant style of music. God Bless this awesome group! Where can I find their album? Thank you so much!-Sharon lee,SDA:)

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are there more of these English videos man these things are great!! by the way I love the new Commenting system.:D

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Holy,Holy Holy this is true worship in its purity....who needs a band aye...i believe i have heard a bit of what we are going to experience in Heaven with our Father, our Lord Jesus, and the holy angels...thankyou for posting

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Hi friends,It's 6am in Canterbury,England.I just received an email Newsletter from the Centre for Youth Evangelism with a link to the 3Angels Tube and was blessed with your song 'If Ye Love Me'.Thank you so much.Please continue to share your music with the 3Angels audience and God's richest blessings always <br />

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I felt The Holy Spirt as I watched this video.

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you can check www.harmony-quartet.de