Sonic Warfare by Ivor Myers Part 4

By DigitalPraise7 3094 days ago
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Check out He is a fellow Seventh-Day Adventist that writes and sings heavenly music. My absolutely favorite Christian singer.

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Praise the Lord for all who have been blessed by Brother Ivor's video.

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Where can I get the beautiful music you played during this series? I would really like to buy some CDs with good, Christian music that does not have drums. Thank you for this informative series.

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I've refused to allow "contemporary" Christian music into our local SDA church. Based on my past as a "rock and roll" singer. This hasn't been accepted as a valid reason, "your stuck in your ways," I'm told. I was exposed to rock before Academy but while at "our school" I got hooked. The "good," "active Christian" students, all listened to rock "outside" of church. Rock was fine "outside of church." ALL those students, who listened to rock "outside" of church, are today, OUTSIDE the church.

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The song without the drum is beautiful. I often wonder WHY the DARK background like you are in a rock concert? Why? I mean, don't Christians understand that the atmosphere is a wordly setting? It's dark. Great job on this....keep it coming!

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thanx so much for sharing this dynamic info DigitalPraise7. Blessings on u and urs :)

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Absolutely brilliant! God has used him to bring a powerful message to me and has opened my eyes to the evils that have pervaded our very church. I hadn't known the extent until I saw this. Amen!

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Awesome video this is also happening in the 7th Day Adventist Church's as well since 2002 I have witnessed it..

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here is the website where I got the DVD:
If they cannot help you, let me know.
Larry D.:D



Highly informative sermon outlining how music has been manipulated by the enemy and transformed into a weapon to link us all to the world. You will discover what true Godly music sounds like as well as know how secular and even Christian music is deceiving millions. WARNING: These videos contain graphic music content. No cursing, but may not be suitable for young children.