Sonic Warfare by Ivor Myers Part 3

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When I say dancing, I mean dancing in a sexually suggestive way as seen in many secular settings.The argument that David and Miriam danced is invalid. It is very unlikely they danced in the manner that many dance today. They had their own traditional, and men always danced seperate from women. One cannot asume they were dancing off a 2/4 rhtym. Even if they were dancing this way, it does not mean it was correct or sanctified by God. The same David that danced before the ark is the same david that commited adultury and murder. Individuals in the bible are imperfect beings just like us.

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Pastorp - You are correct that some syncopation is okay as it adds to the overall interest of a piece. There is a difference between having syncopation in a song and a song being built on a syncopated rhythm. But to constantly have this 2/4 rhythm throughout a song has been observed to have a profound influence on one's behaviour. This rhythm cannot be battled with mere mind power, it forces the flesh to react sometimes in the manifestation of dancing and sometimes even trances. Though it may tickle the ear, it does not bring one closer to God, but rather puts the individual on an emotional high. There comes a point where one must choose between "personal taste" and truth. There is a right and wrong when it comes to music. It either feeds the flesh or it feeds the spirit. I've always been attracted to jazz but I know that it is not glorifying to God no matter what words you put to it. I have to battle my carnal nature which is naturally attracted to this music built on a syncopated rythym. However, there is no use debating the topic. God reveals to us as much as he sees fit. God bless :)

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I just recently watched this so my comment is a bit late, but to answer matt and pastorp, he was not talking about a 2/4 time signature as musicians know it to be (two beats in a bar, while the quarter note gets a beat). He was talking about the emphasis shifting from the 1st beat and 3rd beat in normal music to the second and fourth beat. Rock and roll did indeed introduce this to america. But it is true, his wording was "incorrect" from a trained musician's standpoint in terms of music terminology. However you will see in most popular music, beats 2 and four are strong contrary to hymns where the strong beat is always beat one and there is a medium strong beat on 3, where 2 and 4 remain what we call "weak beats"

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Thanks pastorp for your insight. Pastor Ivor stated the the 2/4 rhythm is the devils signature or „mark“ of the beast and that it causes the body to move.

What rhythm was Miriam playing? If it was a 2/4 rhythm then it proves his first theory wrong, (rock and roll introduced 2/4 rhythm). If it was not 2/4 rhythm, then it proves his second theory wrong (2/4 rhythm causes the body to move), as she was dancing whilst playing the timbrel and prophesying in song (Ex 15:20-21).

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God bless you pastor and you knowledge upon knowledge of His word. this is the 3angels message in verity:):)

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WONDERFUL! I wish many of the baptist and non-denominational churches, where my family and friends go, would grow closer with the Lord. If they did, this would be obvious. Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU!

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open up our eyes



Highly informative sermon outlining how music has been manipulated by the enemy and transformed into a weapon to link us all to the world. You will discover what true Godly music sounds like as well as know how secular and even Christian music is deceiving millions. WARNING: These videos contain graphic music content. No cursing, but may not be suitable for young children.