5 Habits of a Happy Brain - Take Back Your Mind #1

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Part 1 of the Take Back Your Mind Series - 5 Habits of a Happy Brain In the first part of this seminar Randall talks about the Science behind happiness and 5 practical things we can do to be happy - really happy! Based completely on Science but easy and simple enough for anyone to understand and follow. This series will change your life. Please like and subscribe and comment with any questions. ---The remaining parts will be uploaded soon. Part 2 - How to Completely Change Your Mind Part 3 - Freedom from Depression and Anxiety Copyright info. We had to remove a clip from the video - you will see a slide in the video informing you of this. To watch that clip here is the link: http://www.sciencechannel.com/tv-shows/through-the-wormhole/videos/your-brain-on-prayer/