What Every Adventist Scientist Should Know: Ellen White and Her Critics 6-28-2014 by Leonard Brand

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We continue a series on What Every Adventist Scientist Should Know. This sixteenth week we discuss the idea that Ellen White got her information on health from copying other authors. The presentation will examine the research design of White's critics and also present more recent evidence by a physician comparing EGW's health principles with modern medical understanding of healthful living. The surprising results give insights into the nature of inspiration. 1. Brand, L. & D. McMahon. 2005. The Prophet and Her Critics. Nampa, Idaho: Pacific Press Publ. Assn. http://www.allbookstores.com/book/compare/0816320578 2. McMahon, D. S. 2005. Acquired or Inspired? Exploring the Origins of the Adventist Lifestyle. Warburton, Australia: Signs Publishing Co. Includes a CD with all the authors's research data and interpretations. http://www.acquiredorinspired.com/ 3. Rea, W. 1982. The White Lie. Turlock, California: M & R Publications. http://walterrea.com/ http://www.allbookstores.com/book/compare/9780960742417 4. Butler, J. 1979. The world of E. G. White and the End of the World. Spectrum 10 (2): 2-13. http://www.andrews.edu/library/car/cardigital/Periodicals/Spectrum/1979-1980_Vol_10/2_August_1979.pdf 5. Numbers, R. 1976. Prophetess of Health: A Study of Ellen G. White. New York: Harper and Row Publishers. http://www.allbookstores.com/book/compare/9780802803955 6. Nichol, F. D. 1951. Ellen G. White and Her Critics. Review and Herald. http://www.whiteestate.org/books/egwhc/egwhctoc.html http://www.ellenwhitedefend.com/SOP-Library/History-Defense/EllenWhite&HerCritics.pdf For additional recordings on various topics regarding faith and science visit: ItsAboutGod.tv/sls