Who's Body is it Anyway?

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Great Health talk to heal all Diseases!!! Biblically!!!



Hope Media Ministry (www.hopevideo.com) Presents Dr. Bobby Scales. Young, healthy, athletic, bodybuilder, Doctor in medicine, yet Dr. Bobby Scales found himself diagnosed with prostate cancer. Further research also found heavy metal poisoning in his body. Doctors made the normal recommendations; Surgery, Hormone shots, radiation ... but Bobby knew these to be only Band-Aids instead of the healing he now required. Dr. Scales had done serious research over the years in the practice of medicine and had knowledge that few others have. With this knowledge and a prayerful heart, he turned to his Bible. It was in the Bible that he found more then a cure. It was here that he found answers to our health written thousands of years ago. Dr. Bobby Scales was a friend of mine from the day I met him in 2003. He has inspired my life and my family as well. He fought a hard battle of prostate cancer and I believe in the end, he won. He will forever inspire people to change their health and give all to God through his life and through his messages. Your Health Does Matter! For more on Dr. Bobby Scales you can visit www.hopevideo.com where we will be updating his page and adding more of his media.