The Necessity of Prayer

By hopevideo 3118 days ago
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I adore Pastor Richard...he reminds me of sitting and visiting in some one's home...for me he is so down to earth and grounded in God's word and love. He gives me strength and hope. I hope I get to hear him many more times.:D

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Each person has their own need and way of hearing the Word. Pastor OF'fill is very well loved & dedicated, ordained minister & has changed lives, including ours. He brings many people to Jesus. Detest? WOW! God provides all kinds speakers. Some love David Asscherick, very fast, some love Doug, funny but serious too, others love Mark Finley or Dr. Bobby Scales. For serious, try God's beloved Dr. Samuel Pipim or others we carry. to be sure, we love of them all

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One think I detest about some sermons is that the speaker takes so long to get on with the sermon or they crack jokes before the sermon to lighten up the atmosphere. It's not necessary, just get on with the word of God. In that time wasted so many scriptures could have been presented.



Hope Media Ministry ( presents Pastor Richard O'Ffill; an author, revivalist and seminar speaker. He has served in Southern Asia, and Latin America, as well as North America. You may recognize him as the first quarter author of the 2010 Sabbath School Quarterly or his new book "The Fruit of the Spirit- It’s What You Are That Counts". ENJOY!