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FYI: On July 10, 2009, President Barack Obama met with Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican. This date is 1260 days from December 21, 2012, the supposed end date of the Mayan calendar. Coincidence? Could it be that probation will close for humanity on that date?

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Dear Forerunner - I so much appreciate your work. I have to confess that getting yelled at took a long time to overcome, but I do pass on your work to others. I also appreciate the urgency of the messages you share with us. Perhaps that is what is conveyed in the yelling. I don't know, for sure. But, in the end, this ministry is very powerful. I say thank you for the guts to say it like it is! I love how you say, "And as always, whether you like it or not, the truthis the truth"! Amen, brother!

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Thanks for the time you take to make these vids for serious minds. That are serious about making it to our Fathers House, keep up the good fight. God Bless You.

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It appears there are a few different series of these videos and each of them has several parts to them. It would be nice to see a listing of the series with the sequential parts that go to that particular series so you could know you are watching videos from the same series and in order.<br /><br />They are good though.



THE MICHAEL JACKSON COVER-UP (PT 1) Vatican Encyclical UNREPORTED while media hypes Jacksons death