The Psychology of Giving Bible Studies Part 1

By LesMiller 3089 days ago
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A further update to my previous comment. TEACH Services is now publishing the book and it's available at

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If you live in North America and would like to purchase books send me an email at and I will send you my home address. Then send me a cheque for $35 plus $8.50 shipping and I wil lmail you a hard copy. If this is not convenient I can email a pdf copy to you. I also run live seminars in churches and would love to come to your church for that purpose. Again use the same gmail address to contact me.

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Hello Mr. LesMillerrnThank you for your time in sharing how to give Bible Studies.rnHow can you purchase your book?rnGod Bless, Arnetha



Saved in a Living Room Bible Worker training course lecture 2. This is the one video I wish everyone here on 3angelstube would watch. My passion is to teach people how to give Bible studies. I hope this is a great help to those who are sharing their faith on a regular basis. Go to to get you copy of the book.