Spiritualism and the Seduction of Seventh-day Adventists

By cybertiger 2274 days ago
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Another good message from this speaker. I too believe that if the right is elected we'll probably see the Sunday law in a short amount of time. However, the secret societies make sure that they control both the Republican and Democratic parties.

There is the possibility though they don't control the third party candidates. The Libertarians are the better known group but they support abortion. The Constitution party is less well known but they are against abortion.

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Praise the Lord for his faithful messengers.

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I agree with Eidonveritas on this. Even though I agree on the idea that this Pastor has presented to us that SDAs have to wake up to the world's situation and the Political world. I still believe that we should not be talking politics on Church. And we shouldn't be going around making prophecies saying that this Party or that Party will bring Sunday Law. I say this because I am from Brazil, and am completely unbiased on this subject, but I understand that in America your background makes you to take some assumptions on this topic. We should focus on Christ, the rest will fall in the right place. Let's lift Jesus name on the pulpit instead of prophecy, and stop condemning the President of SDA or the Leader of the Church and start looking to ourselves because I am pretty sure we all have some thing which the Master wants to change.

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I question 3AT's publication of political remarks as in this video. Let's try to use some better judgement here.

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Great message! I immedately shared it with friends in my church in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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Powerful? Wrong... The idea that voting Left is God's will is foolish. EGW never states anywhere that the Religious Right brings in Sunday legislation. She does state that Labor Unions will be responsible for the worst violence the world has ever seen and that the ideas of the French Revolution, (socialist democracy i.e. mob rule) will convulse the world in a similar conflict... All major Protestant churches joining the Papacy are going LEFT, Presbyterians, Episcopals, Baptists - not right. Socialism will bring about Sunday legislation. Germany is a totally secular socialist country, yet they've passed Sunday legislation... "The heart of the WISE inclines to the RIGHT, The heart of the FOOL to the LEFT...

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Powerful message!



Listen as a former Spiritualist (Pastor JR Cofer) preaches on the prophecies of the book of Revelation (The Three Fold Union of Rev 16) that are being fulfilled in the Church today. Spiritualism is sweeping the whole world into it's ranks! This message is a solemn and cautionary sermon to those who are asleep to the need of Revival and Reformation among us today! Please share "Spiritualism and the Seduction of Seventh-day Adventists"