The Silence of God - David Asscherick

By hopevideo 3163 days ago
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Hi, We did not notice that this video does not play all the way through. This is a five part series and all five can be watched fully here: and we will attemp to fix this when 3angels allows uploads again. God bless!

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Looks like something went wrong in the upload process since the runtime listing of 76m 7s does not match the video length. For those who want the whole thing, you can get the audio here:

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Absolutely amazing!

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that is good, thanx. curious about what his last words were, but the message is good.

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Beautiful and powerful sermon by Pastor Asscherick, but argh couldn't you have let it go for another 30-60 seconds so we could have heard the final conclusion??! The singing at the beginning is beautiful too, but would rather be able to hear the whole sermon. Thanks for posting it though.



Watch all five presentations here: This is a great sermon for those who are suffering and wondering where is God. When bad things happen to good people, where is God when it hurts? This is a five part series with each presentation standing on its own. Produced by Hope Media Ministry and all available at