Battle of Your Mind - Michael Dantzie (Part 1)

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This is a message that needs to go out to all of your friends and neighbors and I have downloaded this to make DVD's using RealPlayer, Plus 15, so that this message can be distributed to all that I find to receive it. We don't always have the opportunity to do bible studies but neighbors will look at DVD media sometimes out of sheer curiosity. I also find that DVD's on nutrition & health go well as a first subject and then when they find truth in that they will try the spiritual food. May God bless this end time message as it goes out.

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Great Sermon



Battle of Your Mind - Michael Dantzie (Part 1) Michael Dantzie breaking down the Seal of God, AYS Afternoon service.. Nottingham SDA Youth Day 2011, 08/10/11.... PreachingPlace: The Final Messengers