Part 2B, The French Revolution Connection. The Two Image Makers Series

By BrianDunne 2393 days ago
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I like what you said here about how one is a rebellious child of the other and how both are being used by Satan to prepare the world for the end. As people went from false religion into open, rebellious sin as a way of life, the world they tried to create through art (including modern media) will fall apart just before the time of trouble starts. And then what will come in as a false solution, but the same false religion that was originally turned from. Only the truth can set us free.



Part 2 B The French Revolution Connection is a part of teh Two Image Maker Series which deals with Satan's influence in the art s and entertainment media of cultures since teh begining of time. Thie section deals with the French revolution and its influence over arts and media of today. Brian Dunne is a former art educator and athlete. He describes how both these avenues are linked together in Satan's attempt to cultivate his own image in man.