2/2 Worship at Satan's Throne - The Chilling and Thrilling Story of 1844 - Stephen Bohr

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Thank you for this avenue of continuing education for me. I live in a remote area of southern Ecuador and only speak limited Spanish. Here I can learn in English and be fed good word. After I am fed I can pass on food to the hungry here. Thank you for submitting to the work of feeding me and others the truth of God and His word. Being so fed I can stay strong and be ready to meet the needs in my area. May God continue to bless you richly.:):D

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All I can say is 'MY JESUS'!! Thank the Lord for the 7th Day Adventists' message! I am still learning so much after recently coming into the church and leaving the sunday church and their teaching. Strife, threats and confusion have entered my house and of course, I am blamed for that. But I thank the Lord for THIS teaching. I now understand even more! Praise the Lord that I am with Him and not bowing down to satan's throne. Pray for my family to come out. God bless!:)



The chilling and thrilling story of 1844./nThis two-hour presentation answers questions like what really happened with Christendom on earth in 1844? Are tongues, healings, signs and wonders signs of the Holy Spirit's presence? Is a refined type of spiritualism entering the Seventh-day Adventist Church through the back door? How can we distinguish between a true revival and a counterfeit? Every Seventh-day Adventist should have a copy of this!/n------- ------- -------/nI have by faith decided to upload this particular DVD presentation, as it has no copyright disclaimer labeled to it, and I believe the reason is that is such an important lecture that it should be shared as widely possible. I will also heartily recommend anyone who are blessed by this to seek out the attached link to Secrets Unsealed and buy both the DVD and book to gain more knowledge, and as a means to share this truth to others and support this ministry. The direct link as follows:/nhttp://www.secretsunsealed.org/index..../nThere are also many other great, in depth, yet very comprehensible presentations available here, I would especially recommend "The Three Angels' Message", "Cracking the Genesis Code" and "A New Look at the Blessed Hope" to mention some.