Portraits of Jesus 01-Our Divine-Human Intercessor

By Adrian 2719 days ago
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My dear lady,
Why would you desire a photo presentation of Jesus. Any similitude of Him would only be erroneous and darken your heart. Rom.1:21-23.
"To whom will you liken God?or what likeness will you compare unto Him? Isaiah40:18

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Sorry you were misled. The Portraits of Jesus series is a look at how the Scriptures capture Jesus in various word-portraits or word-pictures. I think that if you had read the description, there would have been no room for being misled :) There is a whole series - unfortunately this is the only one I was able to upload before the uploads section of 3AngelsTube was closed due to lack of server space. For those interested, the rest of the series is at www.endtimepower.com

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The title to this video is deceiving! I thought it was a photo presentation of Jesus. Please consider changing the title. :confused::sad:



Who is Jesus? Was He just a man? Some say He was God in human bodily form. If He is God incarnate, was His humanity authentically human? Or was it merely an illusion? In this first episode of the Portraits of Jesus series, Ps Adrian Webster examines the record of Scripture to determine what Jesus' own self-consciousness was in regard to the claim that He is divine. Also taken into consideration is the understanding of the disciples, the prophecies of the Old Testament as well as the general testimony of the New Testament writings. Furthermore, the Scriptural testimony in regard to the nature of Jesus humanity is also brought to bear on the subject. A beautiful harmony is revealed that brings confidence and assurance to a world in need of hope.