Urban Danger - Part 3 of 3

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Finally, we have started an online resource - Mvura Creek Country Living Ministries
The link is: http://www.mvuracreek.com/

There is a multitude of information there. We are still working on it and it is growing. I hope that you will be blessed. Hold on, pray and fast - your blessing is coming...

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"Those who obey this warning will find a refuge. Let every man be wide awake for
himself, and try to save his family. Let him gird himself for the work. God will reveal
from point to point what to do next” (Review and Herald, Dec. 11, 1900).

Here is an link to an online version of the book "Country Living" by Ellen White:

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Relax. First pray & ask God to guide you. Read Isaiah 26:20, Psalm 27:5, Psalm 31:20. It is comforting that our Lord already has a place in mind to hide and protect each one of us untill the trouble is past.

Out of the Cities by Elder Dave Westbrook Part 1 of 2
In this study Dave Westbrook looks at the prophetic sign for God's people to get out of the city.


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Please pray for us. We have no money but feel the call to move to the country.



Danger is stalking the city. Like it or not, its a fact... life in urban areas is about to radically change due to developments most people are not aware of. Find out what the issues are and what YOU can do to not only survive but also thrive. Far from a “survivalist” film, Urban Danger takes a common-sense look at our roots, finding practical solutions to problems we face today. You will meet many people from all walks of life who show you the common-sense preparations they are making for difficult times ahead. And in the process, they have found a superior quality of life. They have found what “real living” is all about. www.UrbanDanger.com Visit our website: www.mvuracreek.com - Peaceful, spiritual, and practical guides to SDA Country Living.