Kamal Saleem- A Terrorists Encounter with Jesus

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I am amazed and humbled at this simple yet profound testimony. Oh that we all may have a similar encounter with Jesus, the Alpha and Omega! He does not want to be distant from us. As He was lip to lip with Adam at creation, He longs to be so close to us that we hear His sweet and heavenly voice. I seek this encounter with Jesus that I may know Him as He knows me. Please take time to see Him as this man did and as I hope to do. God bless you all.

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wonderful testimony!!

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Anybody who comes from the darkness to the light and accepts Christ into their heart should be commended. Kamal might not have all the light but if he keeps his heart and mind open then the Holy Spirit will help him. @etrevino...it's Walter Veith...not Michael. He does have a seminar on Islam and it connects the Catholic Church to the formation of the muslim religion. It's fantastic! God bless.

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jse7en, what are you questioning? God is the same forever..He never said He would not speak to people just as He did recorded in script..it is naive of you to think that God can only say things to someone which have already been spoken before..I am refferring to "I am everything that is in beteween".. Do you know the deffinition of the words charlatan and pantheism..get out a dictionary and you will learn this man is neither..I suggest you get a deeper relationship with God..ask for discernment

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Michael Veith Total Onslaught in Amazin Discoveries TV. There is one presentation on islam. We are not gonna be deceived if we know the true Jesus. Bible and prayer life. That's the Faith of Jesus.

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I was thinking somewhere around the same line, "I think the 'everything in between comment' was just Kamal's way of expressing who Jesus is to him....his everything." -- reneecouron.
@ jse7en, Personally, I believe this account is true. There is no disguise here. I believe there are many of God's people in other denominations. Eventually, they will all come together. A question we should ask ourselves is: How are we (in our personal lives) with Jesus? Is it making us treat others w love? :)

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As for this man's vision, it is true there are false Christs and false prophets in the world. But instead of questioning this man's Christian conversion, someone should reveal to him the everlasting gospel, not according to our ways but let the Holy Spirit through us teach the nations of God's everlasting truth. The truth of that vision will surface, whether it was from God or from Satan. But we should not judge something we know little about.

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I think we should all be careful not to judge someone or their conversion experience simply because it was not done by an Adventist or the person did not receive the entire truth. Whether he was genuinely converted or not is not for us to judge. Remember, God doesn't only use Adventists to bring people into the faith but other people in other denominations, too. God's people are in every religion and the time will come when the world will know the truth and be brought to choose truth or error.

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I have met this man and seen him speak. I can tell you he is for real and he loves the Lord. I think the 'everything in between comment' was just Kamal's way of expressing who Jesus is to him....his everything. As for the comment about literal Israel comment - please read Ezk 37:26, Jer 32:37- 44, Hosea 11 (all of it), Rev 7:3-8. I am sure there are many more, but I gotta run to a study. If you would like to diagloge further I would be blessed.

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a book review of Kamal Saleem's book is here: http://www.booksandculture.com/site/utilities/print.html?id=87522



A beautiful segment of a story from CBN. A Muslim man at war against christianity has an amazing encounter with Jesus that would change his life forever! For more info: hcbnpacifictv@gmail.com