Sex in the Temple: What's so Gay about that

By RyanSeaton 1399 days ago
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This sermon is the best, most clear, least condemning, most hopeful treatise I have EVER heard on this topic. Bless you, brother.

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Please pray for my friend "K. C." who is struggling with homo(*)uality and identity.

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It's so important that we don't look upon someone harshly because of homo(*)uality; as if it's a greater sin than adultery, or any other sin listed. We are all sinners saved by grace. We are all on the same level. It's our duty to pray for one another and love one another, and let God be the judge. I speak this of myself especially....Great message!......God's love is so true...and so compassionate....Praise and Honor be to our Lord Jesus Christ!

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homo(*)uality must be address in our church.. isn't that Gays also need Christ...

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awesome video!!!



It's one of the most difficult subjects of our day. But not one without clarity and, in many cases, without cost, as two biblical bookends to this subject make clear - Sermon by Dwight K Nelson on