Come Out, and Stay Out

By ailan777 2925 days ago
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Fantastic message! Does anybody know the name of the speaker? God bless.

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Wonderful Message!!! Praise the Lord!!!

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Simply marvelous, thank you for posting.

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He doesn't turn to his bible while preaching. How Amazing!!! To God be the Glory. That's how we all should be for when the bible is not available we should be able to do the same. Great Sermon. :D

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How diluted the messages on Sabbath are becoming! There's almost no challenge to the soul to abandon sin. I's time to wake up, repent and rise our voices to the truth. The time is running out

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Amen, my life must be 100% givien to Christ.

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Message more direct and clear cannot be preached. Sadly a lot of called seventh day adventist of my church would have left the church in the middle of the sermon calling him extremist and fanatic but God demands from us nothing less but total commitment.



A call to God's remnant people to stand as a light in the world. Has the mighty cleaver of truth separated you from the world and the churches? (This was one of the evening devotions in a GYC-type event held in Trinidad and Tobago 2009)