Part 6:Snare of Rock, Pop, and Hip Hop

By rodgersoc01 2888 days ago
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I agree, they are all worshiping satan,and unfortunately, most if not all are enlisting in the devil's army thru this music. Thank God for someone putting together this information to help those of us who would resist the devil and all his subtleness. Check out Ivory Myers: Escape the blackhole, where he gives an indepth look at the entire entertainment industry. you might have to go on youtube to see it, but please is worth it.

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If people like Michael Jackson and others wore the military jacket, and the Beatles wore the military jacket, on their "Sgt. Pepper's" album and Aleister Crowley, the Satanist was on the album, and he was supposed to be Sgt. Pepper, then when Rock Stars wear that military jacket, they are NOT wearing it in honor of the Beatles. They are wearing it to show that they are in SATAN'S ARMY! ...and that they are loyal to him and working FOR him. The people on the album are his "army" or band.



Part 6: Snare of Rock, Pop, and Hip Hop. The exposure continues... Part 7 next, must see and learn.