The Three Angels Messages in One Easy Five Minute Lesson

By LesMiller 2988 days ago
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Your comment does not make sense to me. If you think the Remnant church is Babylon and are using an old Sabbath School lesson to prove your point I hav enothing for you. This message is about solving the problem. If everyone in the church did understand it, the revival would come.

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The 1st Quarter,1896,Sab.Sch.Lesson taught that when a chruch adopt a creed(belief statement)and asked the states to help settle internal differences it became a fallen church and never recovered. Please,how do the "27Fundamental Beliefs"and"SDA Trademark"not meet this standard. Why are Adventists not willing to be held to the same standard to which they have held others? Do we really need to reunited with Evangelicals or the Charles Fitch, AT Jones and EJ Waggoner message and become called out?



What does the church need in order to be ready for the latter rain? This full length message, as a summary to the Saved in a Lliving Room Bible Evangelism trainng lectures answers that question.